Telephone and fax network

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Telephone and fax network

Vietnam communication network

Fixed telephone and fax

  • Provided by Vietnam Post and Telecommunication (VNPT) and Viettel;
  • Phone number code: Eight digits (for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City only) and Seven digits (for other cities). Each city has its own code (city code), such as: 4 (Hanoi), 8 (Ho Chi Minh City), 54 (Hue) etc…

Mobile phones

  • Provided by VNPT, Viettel and some other state-owned companies, including:
    GSM: Vinaphone (code: 91), Mobiphone (code: 90), Viettel (code: 98);
    CDMA: S-phone (code: 95) and EVN-Telecom (code: 96)
  • Using GSM 900/1800 with standard SIM card which is compatible with most of Asia, Europe and Australia, but not with North America;
  • Phone number code: Network code + seven digits (e.g: 098.1234567)

City phone (available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)

  • Provided by VNPT, a mixture between mobile phone and fixed telephone, offers cheaper cost, mobility but limited usage (within the city only);
  • Phone number code: 8 digits, begins with ‘91’ (e.g: 9176613)


Charges are depended on the service providers.

  • International calls cost around US$1 per minute but may be higher at hotels. A cheaper alternative is to make these calls from the post office. Reserve charges or collect calls are possible to most, but not all, including: France, Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, the UK and the US.
  • Another option is to use a suitable calling service, such as
    Rebtel that offers you the benefit of cheap international calls. Hence it
    gets more convenient to stay connected with your family and friends across
    the globe.
  • In-city calls are cheap and usually free at most of hotels and restaurants for tourists;
  • City-city calls are depended on the destination city, from 500d to 3,000d per minute;
  • Tel-to-mobile calls cost around 1,200d per minute;
  • Mobile-to-mobile calls cost around 2,500d to 3,000d per minute. Instant message (SMS) costs 400d for domestic and US$1 for international one.

Make direct calls

International code: 00
Domestic code: 0
Vietnamese code: 84

To Vietnam: 00 + 84 + [city / network code] + [phone number]
From Vietnam: 00 + [destination-country code] + [phone number]
Within city: [phone number]
To other city: 0 + [city code] + [phone number]
To city phone: 0 + [Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City’s code] + [phone number]
(dial phone number directly when you are in the same city)
To mobile phones: 0 + [network code] + [phone number]
From mobile phones: 0 + [city / network code] + [phone number]

Discount options

  • 171 service: dial 171 at the beginning of any calls (or at the end when call to mobile phones), save up 50%;
  • Make call between 11pm to 7am and weekends, save up 20%;
  • Buy a SIM card with local number for your mobile phone. It’s more convenient to receive any calls such as from relatives and sometime cheaper than using hotels’ service;
  • Using roaming service to use your phone number in Vietnam (if not expensive).

Important phone numbers (available in every Vietnam cities)

113 Police
114 Fire Brigade
115 Ambulance
1080 Information about society, economy, culture (in Vietnamese, English, French)
101 Long Distance Domestic telephone service
102 Directory assistance for long distance domestic telephone service
103 Operator-assisted long distance domestic telephone service
110 International telephone service
112 International telephone service rate
113 International telephone service inquiries
116 Phone number inquiries
117 Time inquiries
118 Ring back test
119 Advice on telephone repairs
1088 Consultation in areas of health, law, informatics, psychology, living skills...


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