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Welcome to Saigon Heritage spa & massage by expert  
One of most famous spa in Vietnam is placed in the heart of the city center in Hochimin City, Vietnam
We always research the better relaxation for our valuable customers with the skills of traditional massage & spa aroma oil from Vietnam & Thailand
The skills of Our massagers are trained by massage masters in the Saigon Heritage massage school and
Through the strict test by Master, our massager can join the line of on-service massagers
We also crop and manufacture and supply the minimized volume of blooming flower tea leaf to our guest from mid province of Vietnam
this spa is managing by Japanese and Vietnamese, thai, Korean managers
multi national managing system is very attractive for the guest from outside of Vietnam
we hope that our trying is to be met the satisfaction of customers for multi national customer care
if you are tired from your trip or exhausted from your routine life, you can take the a bit moment of relaxing for your life from Saigon Heritage
please, Enjoy Saigon Heritage Spa & Massage by expert
Thank You Very Much Very Valuable Guest
Welcome To Saigon Heritage

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